Top 5 Business Apps for the iPhoneThat Ran My Business in 2016

It’s pretty safe to say that you either love the iPhone or you hate it. Everyone has their opinions as to why it’s better and everyone has their reasons as to why Android based platforms are better. But the iPhone wasn’t meant to appeal to everyone, it was expensive and sleek; perfect for your average business person.

While Cell Phones, in general, are largely becoming more entertainment based, the iPhone still remains business centric with over one million apps in the app store, devoted to helping you run your business. That’s a lot of apps to go searching through, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 business apps for your iPhone.

top 5 business apps for your iPhone

top 5 business apps for your iPhone

Google Docs/Drive:

Google Docs and Drive literally allow you the ability to work from your iPhone with little to no difference. As an avid Gmail user, it is second to none having all of my Google Apps in one place. You can share, edit, and view full-size documents at your fingertips. Google has done a great job with making the app(s) as close to their desktop versions as possible. I must admit, it’s pretty cool to be able to create a slideshow presentation while in the clubhouse on the golf course and it’s FREE, you just need a Gmail account.


Slack is a great Instant Messaging service with so much more! Not only does the Slack iPhone App allow you to stay connected to the office on the go and instantaneously, it allows you to share documents, pictures, videos, sound bites, presentations, etc. Slack makes communicating with all of your business associates much easier than conference calls. You can set up various chat rooms by assigning them with hashtags that are detailed specifically to the conversation so there’s never wasted time.

Invoice Ninja:

The Invoice Ninja iPhone app allows you to get paid on time, schedule new invoices, and view/track the status of your current invoices. Seriously getting paid has never been easier and done in a timelier fashion than with the Invoice Ninja app. Also, unlike its competitors who charge close to $900 for premium services, Invoice Ninja’s Pro Plan is only $80 a year and it doesn’t compromise the quality of the service for the value. Also, you can sign up for the base service for FREE and the app is FREE as well.


Evernote has saved my skin on more occasions than I can remember. As a business owner in general, I’m sure you’re like me and have a thousand usernames and password variations and probably nowhere to keep them all other than documents cluttering your desktop. Evernote gives you the ability to organize all of those important notes in one place. The best part is by searching basic keywords you can find any note you want in seconds. Also, Evernote has a pretty cool chat feature that allows you to share notes amongst your business partners and co-workers. It is also FREE.


Insightly is a must have a tool in your iPhone Business app arsenal. The Insightly App allows you to manage accountability amongst your team on the go. Managing projects and deadlines along with deliverables has never been easier than with Insightly. You can manage Sales Pipelines, Accounting, schedule events, track tasks as they’re completed (or not) etc. virtually every aspect of your business’s moving parts are at your fingertips. You can join Insightly for FREE at up to two users but the pro plan is only $49 per month.

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