SQLBak Review – Automate Your SQL Server Backup Operation

As you know SQL refers to Syntax Query Language. If I am not wrong, you already know about SQL and SQL Backups. One thing you want to know here is how to make SQL backup as simple as cakewalk. Am I right?

In this review, you will learn how to automate SQL server backup process. Believe me; you don’t have to do anything. Let SQLBak work for you!

But I will still start with the basics. SQL Backups contain all your SQL databases where you’ve stored all your website data. It also contains other important details like login and other strings. So, I don’t think I should explain why you don’t want to compromise the security of your SQL databases.

SQL is not that easy. It seems too complicated to get confused while you take back up. This way, SQLBak is used to backup your server automatically. It means there is nothing to do manually.

What is SQLBak?

Simply speaking, SQLBak is a program which is used to backup SQL server, upload the same to any location and send you the updates about it. Like a sci-fi movie, you don’t have to do anything. Its bots will backup as they understand its complex language. Here’s how it does wonders –

  • Automated–When it comes to explain in one word, I would say it is fully automated. It initiates backup automatically, saves the database on your preferred location and notifies you.

  • Plan Backups–You don’t even have to start backups on your own. Just schedule your backup time and date and leave it all on this software. It will backup automatically at a specified time frame.
  • Access Anywhere – You can easily get access to your control panel from any browser. To get it done, no high-performance CPU is required. You can get it all even with an Android device.
  • Upload Backups on the Go–As I said already, you don’t have to do anything to backup. It can upload and save your backup automatically on any external drive or Amazon S3/Google Drive.
  • 24×7 Monitoring – SQLBak keeps an eye on your SQL server backup constantly to notify if it is active or not. If it detects any sign of server getting down, it will notify you right away.

  • HTTPS Connectivity – Don’t worry about server security if you have SQLBak. It connects to the server over SSL (Secured Socket Layer) –connection. This is why it is completely secured against malware attacks and hacks.
  • Recovery –The superpower of SQLBak is not limited to backup only. You can restore all your backups as is.
  • Easy to Install –Unlike other programs that ask for multiple uploads and complicated permissions on the server, SQLBak asks you to just upload SQLBak client to the server and it can manage everything well automatically.

Versions of SQLBak

Demo/Trial Version

By using the demo or trial version of the program, you can get overall insight on how it works. You can download the demo version for free. All you have to visit SQLBak official website. But there is a problem with demo version. You have limited access.

Licensed Version

It is recommended to use trial version before buying the full version. If you feel satisfied with trial version, you can buy the full version of SQLBak Recovery. You can buy it from the official site. Unlike demo version, you can have full access with licensed version.


I am enthralled with the performance of SQLBak just from the moment it was installed on my SQL servers. The user interface, smoothness, and ease of use truly define their expertise.

Later on, I realized that I was not the only user who is impressed with its powers. SQLBak is recommended and trusted by over 1500 brands. So, it’s another proof that you are handing your database to the right hands.


  • Supports all Windows versions
  • Features dual mode to export data


  • Not designed for Mac OS
  • Cannot recover SQL files that are already deleted

Only reason why I am recommending SQLBak – you can’t find any other program that can automate each and every step in the process. Just install it and you are done.

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