Contribute Your Knowledge!

s2 - Contribute Your Knowledge!

The online world can often be rife with misinformation. This can sometimes be accidental or even intentional. As such, it is important that bloggers and writers all work carefully together in order to ensure that the information that readers get is proper and factual.

Therefore, it would be our pleasure to announce that our website is accepting contributor’s articles! We love featuring articles that are carefully researched and true pieces of insight. We appreciate discussions that are peppered with humor and step-by-step instructions.

If you are wondering what kind of articles we accept, here are a few descriptions and parameters:

How to’s

How to articles usually feature explicit and detailed examples on how to obtain or achieve a particular result. Our website values these particularly as our readers are primarily interested in learning new things that can help smoothen and improve their own blogging and social media processes.

Our requirement is that a unique and factual take is taken for this kind of article. There should be a clear goal and an even clearer and measurable path toward that goal.

News Updates

The world of bloggers and the World Wide Web is constantly changing and updating. We would highly value articles that are about updates on new blogging processes and regulations that would potentially hinder earning capabilities.

Our requirement is that they contain the dates wherein the information was released originally and clear explanations on how they will affect everyone.

For any questions, you can reach us through 562-225-8781. We hope to hear from you!