Google Project Ara – The Modular SmartPhone
Whichever smartphone we choose to buy and end up buying, we always like the features on our friend’s new device. What if we could change our phone on a daily basis as we would do with our dress? Looks like a scene from a movie? Not anymore. Thanks, Google Ara, your smartphone is completely customisable.… (1 comment)

Self Driving Cars – The Next Big thing
Self Driven cars – as the name itself indicates – are the vehicles that do not need a driver at all. When it was first announced, it resembled a scene from a science fiction movie. But, Google has made it real and real in our lifetime itself. Google is designing the new age autonomous cars… (0 comment)

Being able to access the internet flawlessly is the need that surpasses everything as of now. There were many eyebrows raised when Google announced the project sometime in 2013. The concept appeared to be impractical. But, two years down the lane – there has been quite a progress in the technology. Yes, we are talking… (0 comment)