5 Best Snapchat Alternatives – Apps Like Snapchat
Snapchat has been one of the most popular instant messaging services. With a user base of over 100 million users worldwide, it has always excelled in bringing something new to its members. One of the unique features that the app offers you is the Self-Destructive Snapchats. But, many of us may not be happy with… (0 comment)

Apps Like tinder – 5 Best Alternatives to TinderApp
Online communication apps have been recent in things in India. Starting the trend was Tinder. The apps scenario was revolutionized by Tinder. With over 10 billion matches claimed so far, Tinder, however, is not the hot favorite with all of us. There have been consistent searches for the alternatives to Tinder. And that is the… (0 comment)

Best Android Strategy Games
Strategy games have been the oldest genre of games in the human history. They have been widely used even before the advent of computers. The games like Chess, or Ludo or even Chousar are good examples of Best Android strategy games. 10 Best Android Strategy Games We will list out a few best in class… (0 comment)

Best Horoscope Apps for Android – Top 10
Astrology may be an abstract science, but it has many takers. People keep searching for what is in store for them in the year ahead. Some of them would be interested in checking out what lies ahead in the next week, or just the daily updates. So What’s Astrology ? Here is the video to… (0 comment)