Best Horoscope Apps for Android – Top 10

Astrology may be an abstract science, but it has many takers. People keep searching for what is in store for them in the year ahead. Some of them would be interested in checking out what lies ahead in the next week, or just the daily updates.

So What’s Astrology ?

Here is the video to give you an idea about that.

There are plenty of apps that cater to that need. Most of them are available on app stores. We will check out some of the best horoscope apps in the following paragraphs.

10 Best Horoscope Apps for Android

Best Horoscope Apps

1. AstroSage Kundli

The app is based on Indian astrology. AstroSage offers you personalized predictions based on your birth date and place of birth. The app provides you a complete horoscope picture of your life.

The app also features a cloud support. Once you create an account with AstroSage, it can be accessed both on the web and the mobile app. AstroSage has Vedic astrological reports, Shodasavarga predictions and much more. In essence, it covers everything that you would expect from a Horoscope app.

The App is best suited for the ultimate mobility. The application provides you a complete ease of access.

2. My Horoscope

This is one of the simplest horoscope apps available for smartphones. The app claims quite a huge number of downloads. The app is developed by ID Mobile SA.

My Horoscope app provides you the daily push notifications for the updates you would wish to get. You can specify the time for those updates. My Horoscope brings in the social networking to the horoscope app. You can share your horoscope through the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

My Horoscope takes care of your data savings. It will not download all the content when you launch it. It will provide your downloads on a need basis. The app does come with multi-language support.

3. Astrology and Horoscope

This is yet another horoscope based on Indian astrology. A brainchild of, the app is based on Hindu Vedic astrology. The app does support multiple languages.

Astrology and Horoscope provide you an in-depth information on everything you want to know from the astrological perspective. The best part of this app is its offline nature. You do not need to connect to the internet for accessing the contents of the app.

It claims to have a database of over 250000 locations. It covers all aspects of astrology including Shodasavarga, planetary motions(Gochara) and Vimshottari Dasha.

4. Zodiac and astrology

Zodiac and Astrology happen to be one of the features filled horoscope app. It covers a wider range and genre of horoscopes predictions. You can get aces to your daily, monthly and yearly predictions on the app at the touch of a button.

The app features tarot readings, palm reading and Chinese astrology as well. Developed by Bhaee Technologies, the app can provide an all round information about the events about the future. It also claims to offer face reading( for which you will need to take a photograph).

5. Horoscopes by

One of the most popular horoscopes service across the western region, Horoscopes by is most revered by the followers of western astrology. The app lets you share your horoscope with your friends through email.

It comes with a touch-centric horoscope wheel. You can access over 30 categories of different predictions. Right from a daily tidbit to a yearly horoscope that can cater to varied genres like career, love etc., Horoscopes by Astrology can be your constant companion on the go. The gesture-based navigation makes it one of the tech savvy interface among the astrology apps. has been the premier online destination for the astrology needs. The app indeed takes the spirit ahead.

6. Astrologer

Unlike the most of other Horoscope featured in this article, Astrologer has the simple and easy to use interface. The simple UI makes it quite simple to follow.

The app comes with a Material Design look that can be quite pleasing to the eye. It promises an in-depth look into the zodiac signs and lets you peek into the future with the minimal efforts. You can identify your personality traits based on your zodiac sign and take calculated decisions on every facet of your life. The predictions cover a wide range of topics including your career insights, your nature as a parent, employer or an employee. You can also have a glance at your monthly and yearly forecasts.

7. Yourself

This can be a great app for those who believe in numerology. It combines the fineness of astrology and numerology in a single app.

The interface looks a little old style. You can learn about your own personality and the traits you have hidden within you with the aid of this app. Though you may not like the UI, the functionality of the apprises above the expectations.

Apart from the regular moon sign or sun sign, the app also lets you check your numbers to arrive at the important decisions. You can analyze your Life path number, Birthday number and birth stone. Yourself also helps you out in finding your Mercury sign, Chinese sign and Venus sign among others.

Please note that the app may not compatible with some regions and devices.

8. Personalised Astrology

The Personalized Astrology app lets you have a more personalized touch. Rather than offering you a more generalized view of what the future has in store for you, the app will give you personalized horoscope based on your birth characteristics.

It offers you daily updates on birth based astrological predictions and other more personalized readings. Personalized Astrology provides insights into your biorhythm and biorhythm compatibility. It also has a separate section for numerology.

You can get daily notifications on the events of astrological importance and various reports.

9. Astrology

The app is developed by VAS Store. You can have the detailed analysis of your zodiac sign and daily forecasts. The app attempts to include everything that a zodiac sign means apart from aiding in forecasting the future.

The easy to use interface is quite eye pleasing. The app comes up with tips that are practical and simple to follow. You just need to choose your sign from the list and your complete personality will be unfolded on your screen.

10. Complete Astrology & Zodiac

The last in the list of our featured Horoscope apps is Complete Astrology & Zodiac. It can be treated as the all in one app for all your horoscope needs. Apart from providing you the daily astrology predictions, the app can also provide an in-depth information on varied astrological tidbits in the form of your birthstones, ruling planet etc.

Complete Astrology and Zodiac aims to be one app that comprises all the aspects of an astrology app. You ask it, and the app has it. You can access your daily horoscope. You can get to know of your birthstone, birth flower or your birth tree. The app will let you know the meaning that these things have in your life. The app also features Chinese astrology for those who are interested.

And finally

That ends our list of some best horoscope apps available for your smartphone. We welcome our readers to share their opinions on the apps that are featured here. Have you used any of them? Please tell us about what you liked about those apps.


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