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s1 - Advertise With DoIt Blog!

We know that we are not the only ones who have made it their business to help others navigate through the whole blogging process. There are tons of other bloggers and companies out there that continue to do the same thing.

As such, we would like to announce that DoIt Blog is open to run ads by other people who are in the business of teaching the intricacies of blogging and other forms of disseminating useful information. To give you a better idea of why you should run your ads with us, here are a few solid reasons:

It helps build the community

Those that want to learn how to bloggers and how to earn from it will reach out. A positive community of bloggers helping each other builds a better overall world for us all. It is well known that there are people out there that try to make money off of other people’s ignorance.

Helping build the community by running trusted ads will help to keep out conmen. When blogs run each other’s ads it serves as a commitment of accountability for everyone.


Ads are meant to widen the scope and reach of brands, businesses, and personalities. When you run your ads with a website, it lends you credibility. When you are in the business of doling out advice or ‘how to’ discussions, credibility is important.

When you are ready to help build the community and add credibility to your own site, you can reach our team at 562-225-8781. Do not forget to ask for Sahith!