Think International Reach: How to Utilize Google Translate For Your Blog

Gone are the days where people were once restricted to their own languages. Today, DoIt Blog will be teaching you how to utilize Google Translate for your blog. When you put your thoughts into a blog, you put it out there for everyone to consume. When we say ‘everyone’ we really mean it.

When your blog shows up as a relevant search result, anyone who bothers will be able to read your content. The only issue is: what if the reader does not share the same language as you? In that case, Google Translate will be there to save the day!

What is Google Translate?

31 - Think International Reach: How to Utilize Google Translate For Your Blog

Google Translate is one of Google’s online programs that help to translate languages from one to another. Users can choose a sentence or a word and have it ported into a different language. All you need to do is to choose the two languages. For example, you can choose ‘English’ (USA) as the first language and ‘Tagalog’ (Philippines) as the second one.

Google Translate will take the word or sentence or even a full paragraph from English that you have put into the box and will turn it into Tagalog.

For example:
English: Door
Tagalog: Pintuan.

English: I like red.
Tagalog: Gusto ko ang kulay na pula.

All this made possible through a free program by Google. When you do run a sentence through Google Translate, it would be reasonable to expect a bit of a translation mishap. After all, each language has its own words and rules. Just make sure to translate the word or phrase back and forth to get a better understanding of the context and how it changes.

Food For Thought

32 - Think International Reach: How to Utilize Google Translate For Your Blog

Always keep in mind that the contextual integrity of the message or the sentence might become lost in translation. This is why it is always important to check back and forth between the two languages you have chosen. With enough practice and careful tweaking, you will eventually get used to the translation and your words will now be available in a different language.

Reaching out to an entirely new audience with their own language can be a funny and scary thing. Just remember why you wanted to do the translation to begin with and you will be fine! Do not hesitate to make use of Google Translate for your blog. You just might be surprised with what you gain by running a few translations.

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