Boards and Pins: What Good is Pinterest and what is it for?

There are so many different forms of social media going around that it can often feel hard to keep up. Today, DoIt Blog is going to doing a discussion about Pinterest and what it is all about.

What is Pinterest?

Since the advent of the internet, people have always tried to find information off of the Web. In order to utilize the information or design they have found, they would have to save it and print it out. This means that this favored those that had printers or had laptops with ready net connection.

As the years went by, people were no longer happy with this method but they still wanted to make use of images or plans taken from the internet as a sort of inspiration. Like old magazines but this time, the information is much more massive. There was certainly a need that was in dire need of filling.

Developed at around 2009, this website and eventual mobile app entity has really captured the minds of those that had that need. Pinterest is successful because of a few critical things:


Pinterest allows users to collate and store all the information that is available online. Users can now select words, articles, images, and even full sites and “Pin It” unto their Pinterest accounts. This is extremely useful when people want to keep searching for information but not have dozens of browser tabs open.

Pinterest helps users by providing a good space for users to store findings for later review.

Sharing Community

One of the good things about Pinterest is that you have the option to share what your findings are. More and more craft makers, artists, students, and young professionals are making use of Pinterest to search for information or styles that they need.

Users have the option of putting a heart on something that they like on Pinterest—which is usually someone else’s post—and they can study it further.

Idea Board

The biggest draw of Pinterest is the concept of the idea board. Users are able to create blank “boards” herein they can attach specifically themed pins or inspirations. On a personal standpoint, Pinterest is extremely useful in collating themes. While Pinterest is primarily used to share information, users have the option to keep their idea board private.

An idea board is a great way to guide users toward their ideal result. A lot of do it yourself enthusiasts make use of Pinterest to get ideas for their personal events and parties.

Food For Thought

There is a reason why the word “Pinterest” has been thrown around whenever the events that require decorations. Pinterest is a great way to really get the word out for businesses, brands, and personalities. The novelty of organizing thoughts and plans in a safe digital space is not going to go away any time soon.

Social media is always a good way to stay connected with others and effectively building your personal brand at the same time. What would you be using Pinterest for?

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