Brain Bites: For a Blogger, How Important is having a Facebook Page?

In the world of bloggers, visibility is often the key to securing better exposure and reach. Nowadays, we do this via social media. Today, DoIt Blog will be picking our brains toward the vast importance of having a Facebook Page.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most used forms of social media today. It normally requires signing in via an established email account. It enables people to stay connected to friends and family no matter where in the world they may be. Facebook is often used to send messages to people. It is the fastest way to get in touch with someone who is not in the immediate area.

Most people make use of their Facebook pages to find out the latest news and the latest deals from their favorite establishments and brands. That information is obtained through “liking” or “following” the Facebook pages of those brands and establishments.

So when you think about that, what can Facebook do for a blogger?

Facebook and Blogging

When you do a search for any established blogger, you will also be directed toward their social media pages. One of these social media pages is a Facebook page. There are really good reasons why.

Connection with Readers

For a serious blogger, having a Facebook page is a great way for readers to find out more about the blog and the blogger. It is also a highly effective way to keep readers updated on any new posts or any important news in the bloggers life.

Some of the more established bloggers often hold sponsored giveaways. The best way to get the word out about it is through social media.


Social Media presence is vital if you want your blog to get anywhere. When you are planning on monetizing your blog, it would be important to run ads and even be connected to brands. Like we mentioned above, established bloggers often hold sponsored giveaways. Brands reach out to bloggers that have large followings.

The ‘followers’ are often clearly reflected on a blogger’s social media page. So in essence, bloggers often have social media to thank for their visibility. The visibility of a blog is crucial when ads are in play.

Food For Thought

When you are planning to be an established and legitimate blogger, having a Facebook page really helps. What is lovely about the thing is that it does not even have to be a personal page. You can have one that represents your blog.

A common mistake that most new bloggers make is unifying both a personal and private page together. This can pose as a privacy risk especially since Facebook has got a rather wide reach. When utilized appropriately, a Facebook page can really help add to the reach and the credibility of a blog and its blogger. It also provides a unique chance for the blogger to see how many people value their words.

When all things are said and done, what do you think of it: is having a Facebook page all that important for a blogger?

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