Google and You: 2 Ways You Are Pissing Google Off

When you want your blog to make a difference, it would be important to play by Google’s rules. Today, DoIt Blog will be looking into the 2 ways that you pissing Google off.

Google and Rankings

11 - Google and You: 2 Ways You Are Pissing Google Off

Google is pretty much everyone’s go-to search engine. Everyday, million of users open their browsers and type in certain search words to get results that they need. If you have done this yourself, you will be quite familiar with the Google results page. How does Google come up with this?

Google has an algorithm that consistently updates. It utilizes keywords and analyzes how words are placed and utilized in websites. The algorithm will them cross-reference it against other findings in their database. From there, the rankings of sites and their relevance to certain keywords will be determined.

For blogs and sites, rankings will also determine how far their reach can go. If you want to make money off of your website, you will want to be on those pages. If this is your goal, you will want to make sure that you always pay attention to Google’s algorithm guidelines as they can change and end up harming your site.

Here are two ways that your site could be pissing Google off:

Keyword stuffing

As we have mentioned Google analyzes words that appear on websites and try to see their relevance to certain topics or searches. A lot of people may not realize the fact that if they make use of their keyword too often, it is actually a bad thing.

Too many of the keyword in a sentence or an article will not make any sense. In a contextual standpoint, it will not yield anything useful for readers as well. Google’s algorithm is able to analyze context as well as just the keywords.

Unoriginal Content

There is a reason why highly creative writers are paid a lot of money. Writers that are hired by websites ensure that the content is original and not copied from anywhere else. Google really dislikes plagiarism. Not only is it an unethical but it also robs people from getting proper and informed choices. There is also the added penalty that unoriginal posts take away from the traffic that legitimately original sites that take the effort to create and publish original content.

While there will be instances that you will end up quoting something else, as Google takes that into consideration with its algorithm. It will know how you presented the information and will take that into account.

Food For Thought

12 - Google and You: 2 Ways You Are Pissing Google Off

Playing right by Google is a great way to ensure that your blog or website will remain healthy. When you are in the ‘green’, so to speak, exposure is wider and you will always have a better chance of showing up higher in their search results.

Take a closer look at the two common violations made by bloggers and site owners. Which ones have you been guilty of? From this point on, it would be important to review the guidelines that Google has on their site. They make sure that it is clear and easy to understand. Also, they are open to taking in questions from users—isn’t that great?

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