Playing a Game: Would You Rather This or That?

In the world of blogging and trying to make a successful website, it is important to have a sense of humor. Today, DoIt Blog collectively lets its hair down and will share a few funny questions. The game of “would you rather” plays out like this: the players choose which option they would prefer over two given choices.

While the game is not anything new, it is still a consistently fun way to spend the time. As we are a website that is dedicated to providing information about building blogs and websites, we are going to try to keep our “would you rather” questions related to that field. Of course, we are still going to try to add other non-related topics just to keep it interesting. Here we go!

Would You Rather:

  • Have unlimited groceries forever OR never had to pay for your utilities ever again?
  • Have 1000 likes on a blog post OR 1 like but by someone you really like?
  • Have a dog like acted like a duck OR a duck that acted like a dog?
  • Have super fast internet for three months OR a free pair of new shoes from your favorite brand?
  • Always know what the new buzzword is 10 minutes before it gets popular OR have a consistent but small site following and never worry about rankings?
  • Have the chance to revive Yahoo! Radio but have to listen to your hated music genre only for the first 2 weeks OR let it continue to be dead but the first and last song you listen to everyday is a Justin Bieber song?
  • Have aliens visit us in exchange for your favorite person on earth OR be the offering for the alien visit instead?
  • Be able to relive the past and not change anything OR live in the future and change everything?
  • Have a free web hosting from an unreliable company OR a super expensive monthly fee from a good host company?
  • Have the power to read minds but would have to fart whenever your do OR have the best smelling farts in the world but would always have to say out loud what you are thinking?
  • Win a free trip to Hawaii but would have to wear a winter coat the whole time OR Win a trip to Iceland but would have to wear beach wear the whole time?
  • Go on a date with a highly attractive person who chews with their mouth open OR a highly unattractive person with all the right manners?
  • Have to stay in complete isolation for 3 years but win $100 million at the end OR be allowed to socialize as you normally do for those 3 years but only win $50,000?

Food For Thought

The game of “Would You Rather” is a relatively easy but interestingly fun way to get to know yourself and others. Mind you that the questions above are merely game questions and should not be taken seriously! Have fun!

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